And in the trains, we intentionally separate ourselves. We were four. We separate ourselves so we don’t draw attention to ourselves. Not being too much recognised and foreign. And so, myself and a guy who was joining, we arrive at the station. We managed to exit the station and everything, and the two other let themselves be arrested. At the exit of the station, because we.. people told us there would be police. At the exit of the station. We, when we arrived, we saw police close by, at the side like that. We euh, we passed by, they thought we were Macedonians, I don’t know. The other two behind us, when we walked further away, we saw them. We saw how they got arrested. We even waited because, you never know they might let them go but no. We waited because.., we don’t even have ways to contact each other. So all of a sudden we were forced to continue with just the two of us. Myself and the other guy.

— Übersetzt aus dem Französischen -TRIPOT Interview mit Younes, Brüssel 04/11/2015