We were there. After we saw the car drive by over there, we started to run in that way. What happened (…), in the corn fields, when you move it makes a lot of noise, it does. And we, we thought they were (…) That there is a car that is there, that already drove by, you know. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden, there’s three soldiers coming from the other side. I have no idea where they came from. I don’t know (…) they were speaking Serbian, you know, bam, just like that (…) Ah, yes, there was also a noise, pfff, we didn’t wait, because in our minds, they were behind us, they are over there you know. We didn’t believe there would also be officers who were also there. It was a noise that surprised us, you know, really. They surprised us, when they were speaking. They were speaking Serbian. I don’t understand, but they shouted something like: “Don’t move!”, something like that.

— Übersetzt aus dem Französischen – TRIPOT Interview mit Younes, Brüssel 01/12/2015