An audiovisual installation by TRIPOT

Tracking the Subject is a research-based audiovisual installation and text publication that aims to create a subjective counter narrative on the subject of the so called “European migrant crisis”. Current political and media discourses consist mainly of anecdotal facts, statistical data and constructed threats which at once victimise and alienate the refugee. Both perspectives result in a dehumanisation of the depicted subject. This work enables the spectator to experience the undocumented ‘illegal’ transit-zone that exists between the origin of the migrant and the “Fortress Europe”.

The audiovisual installation will consist of naturalistic as well as abstract images accompanied by a surround-sound composition realised by sound artist Adam Asnan. Using projection mapping (spatial augmented reality) the visual recordings will be projected as a 360° panoramic image onto the surface of a circular sculptural installation. When the spectator enters this room, he or she will sensorially enter the subjective perspective of a refugee travelling across state borders.

The text publication consists of a book which can be consulted during the exhibition and on the project website. The publication will present a selection of the research material and will function as a complementary source of information to the more affective audiovisual installation.

This artwork is the product of an extensive research process. By the use of phenomenological in-depth interview techniques, five primary witnesses have been questioned on their subjective sensorial memories of the immigration trajectory. The transcriptions of the interviews served both as script for the audiovisual installation and as material for the text publication. The production process of this work takes place within a participatory artistic practise which considers the protagonist of the work not only as an object of representation, but as an active subject. The participants contributed to the editing of the audiovisual material and the publication through feedback-sessions to approximate audiovisually the lived-experience.


TRIPOT is a Brussels based artists’ collective and production platform with members from Belgium, China, UK, Germany and Italy. It was founded in 2012 by Aïlien Reyns and Marius Packbier.
They create research based audiovisual works like experimental films, video and media installations and support other artists in creating such works. Through their art they investigate constitutive structures and textural properties
in digital media with the aim to explore the relationship between perception and technology.

Their work has been shown at i.a. International Film Festival Rotterdam, iMAL (Brussels), Beijing Independent Film, Laznia Center for Contemporary Art (Gdańsk), Neues Museum Weimar, EMAF (Osnabrück) and Input/Output (Bruges) where they won the first prize in 2015.

Adam Asnan

Adam Asnan (1983, UK) is an electroacoustic musician and location sound recordist, based between London and Berlin who collaborated with TRIPOT for Tracking the Subject. His work promotes the aesthetic potential of recorded, amplified sound, the auditory ‘image’ and the virtues of both acoustic and synthetic spatialisation.