Audiovisual Installation

The audiovisual component of Tracking the Subject takes the form of a circular installation. With this work the artists aim to translate the sensory experience of “illegal” migrants into a virtual perceptual experience.

Walk through of the test presentation at cuba-Foyer & BLACK BOX, Münster (Germany) 10/01/2017 – 03/02/2017.

The majority of the video recordings were shot along the refugee-route in South Eastern Europe. Here, the 360°-camera took the subjective perspective of the travelling migrant. The resulting video footage employs three different aesthetic registers: realistic documentation, constructed re-enactment and materialist image manipulation. This creates a dynamic narrative structure which strikes a balance between distanced contemplation and hyper-subjective immersion.


The surround-sound composition that accompanies the work has been created by Adam Asnan (Berlin/London). In correlation with the register of the image, the sound design shifts between diegetic and clearly constructed compositions.

Installation at cuba, Münster

The dynamic relationship between contemplation and immersion manifests itself further in the spatial layout of the installation. The spectator, just as the subject, takes up an involved as well as reflective position.

The audiovisual work will be projected onto a double-walled 360° screen-construction, by four beamers. The construction consists of a double aluminium circle which is attached to the ceiling of the exhibition room. From the rings hang eight cloth which serve as projections screens. The spectator can enter and leave the installation through the openings between the hanging cloths. Inside the installation the sensory experience of the work completely absorbs the spectator without imposing a certain perspective.

Design sketch