Textual Publication

Given that the audiovisual installation has no verbal narration (voice-over, dialogue etc.), the publication plays a pivotal role in the interpretative process of the work. The publication forms a reflective counterpart to the immersive experience of the installation. It serves on the one hand to make heard the authentic voices of the participating migrants, on the other hand to embed the work into a wider context.

» Mock-up of the publication
» Digital preview of the publication


The publication will be made available in analogue (as a printed book) as well as in digital form (as an online visitors guide). The book will accompany the audiovisual installation when exhibited and invites the visitors to relate the affective experience of the audiovisual installation to the reflective reception of the texts.

Primarily, the publication consists of excerpts from the phenomenological interviews, combined with children’s drawings from refugee camps, fragments of juridical texts and more contextualising texts and images that approach the subject from different perspectives.

» Exhibition posters with interviews by TRIPOT
Installation poster