Then we went by a small boat by the sea to Greece. It was a very small boat but high speed, the sport one so we didn’t take seven or eight hours. It was very good, we only took 1,5 hour. And there weren’t too much people on the boat, because on some boats, the seven or eight hour one. The five or eight meter boat they put like 60 people… But in our boat we were only fifteen. But the moment before… We took the boat from Izmir, it is at the beach and close to Greece. But we arrived to Izmir, to the point where we were going to take the boat, the day before. We thought we were going to go directly but they put us in a small forest very close to the beach. We would go in the morning so from six in the evening till nine in the morning we had to wait and hide in that small park at the beach. And this was very difficult because it was very cold and we couldn’t stand up because nobody can see us and it was raining. And we had to sleep on the ground in the rain, and they put nylon over us and it was very very cold and we were very hungry and a lot of people started to cry. Even the friend that came with me from Lebanon and this guy is like very tall and very strong, he always took care of me on our road but at that moment he was completely destroyed and he cried and asked me to take care of him. We was like 35 person and in the morning, when the time came to go to the boat, ten of us, they can not walk, so we left them. Because they stayed for twelve hours, sleeping, lying and it was very very cold on the ground, the ground takes all the heat so from the middle down you could almost not feel anything. So we left more than ten people behind. That is why we were with not too much people on the boat.

TRIPOT interview with Mohammed, Brussels 23/12/2014