And to arrive in a certain place. You would feel the wind, you know, the wind from the sea, and all that.  It’s too cold, you can hear the waves, you know, the waves. And so you hear all that, the noise from the sea and everything. It was amazing. And you know it’s unbelievable, you feel all of that, the breeze, the wind, everything. I was a little worried there. We walked, you know, on the edge, just like that, (…)  It was at the dock. There are these small vessels, you see, we call them that, the boats. Now, you could see quite some boats at a few hundred meters there (…). You can see them from a distance, some boats. It was impressive and, eh; that was the first time I was there in that place and see a little bit (…)  You can see the containers and everything. Well, there you go.  Now there were to gentlemen, and him, and I. And we took these small vessels, you know, the small boat. And then there we go, a few hundred meters, and then there you are.  And so, there are things we have to get up, there’s like stairs, behind these things, like that. And there you go. I follow them, quietly.

— Translated from French – TRIPOT interview with Saïdou, Brussels 09/01/2016