But my body was sufficiently tired at that moment, really tired. I could not four days enough eat something, five, also one day during the route from Turkey to Greece. I was very thirsty, there was no water. But I was sure, one day I will have a more peaceful life. That was, that can make me calm. For me no problem. Well, I had very cold cold. I could see, I could do nothing, nothing, well that is a prison, nobody can help me. That is a procedure. Two days, three days, four days, I didn’t know how long I had to stay. Some people said: “Already one month I am here.”, others already three months here. I didn’t know, I was a little afraid in the beginning. But luckily it lasted only four days. Luckily I was optimist. That helps me, always. If you play poker you have a winner card, my winner card was optimist. That always pushed me forward.

— Translated from Dutch – TRIPOT interview with Omid, Brussels 23/12/2014