And so, we walk, we walk. Later we arrive in rice fields. In rice fields it is always wet. There is always water. And there you have a really hard time to walk. When you place the feet, it, you see them being submerged. Your feet get stuck really in.. It depends on the areas eh. There are areas, your feet stick until there in the mud. We started to…, so we walked, we walked a good distance and when we arrived there, there was a little panic among the people. There were even children crying and everything. Ah yes, children as well, many, many, seven or eight I believe, something like that. But, the families, eh, they were Kurdish. (…) And there, sometimes they pick up the child, somebody holds its hand et euh we walk, we walk. And you have the man who asks, (…) eh yes, for him it is understandable, we need to arrive at the river before the light of day, before it is day.

— Translated from French – TRIPOT interview with Younes, Brussels 01/12/2015