No, it’s not correct…, we, we arrive, we look for the train that goes to the capital. So as it is a small village, the last train had left. When we arrived, I think it was seven o’clock, the afternoon, something like that. There are no more trains. So then, the first train, I think it left the next day at six o’clock, something like that. And we are forced, like, to sleep there. But it was really a little village, about fifteen houses. They are a little separated like that, tack, tack. We hang around a little, and suddenly we see a house where there isn’t any light. We went to see the house, it was an abandoned house. Euh.. We went to sleep inside. We looked for cardboard. And euh, a house really, full of wood that might fall down and all. And we slept inside and in the morning we took the train.”

— Translated from French – TRIPOT interview with Younes, Brussels 01/12/2015