Aïlien Reyns (Producer, author & director)
Marius Packbier (Co-director)
Céline Pourveur (Production assistent)
Younes, Omid, Saïdou, Mohammed, Obada (Participating interviewees)
Jérémie Hynderick (Artistic collaboration installation)
Adam Asnan (Field recordings and surround sound composition)
Yochanan Rauert (Technical production, Projection Mapping)
Sven Stratmann (Video Animation)
Ronald Dagonnier (Technical Development, Projection Mapping)

Research Collaboration

Globe Aroma vzw (Research support)
Meeting vzw (Research support)
Nenad Trpovski, Roeland Termote, Tess Vonck, Toon Lambrechts and Philippe Bertinchamps
(Research and logistic support)
Prof. Ellen De Smedt (Consultant on migration law)