Distribution of the Installation

Walk through of the test presentation at cuba-Foyer & BLACK BOX, Münster (Germany) 10/01/2017 – 03/02/2017.

Setting up the installation

Installation – Dimensions:
- Diameter: 7 meters
- Hight: 2.40 meters

Installation – Tech Rider:
- 1x Apple Computer (at least from 2015, capable of 4k video, 2x thunderbolt out)
- 1x MiniDisplayport to DisplayPort cable
- 1x Thunderbolt to Firewire800 adapter
- 1x Firewire800 to Firewire400 cable (depends on audio interface)

- QLab software, with audio and video bundle. https://figure53.com/qlab/

- 1x Datapath FX4 display wall controller
- 4x HDMI or DisplayPort to 15pin Mini-D-Sub Adapters
- 4× 15pin Mini-D-Sub (“VGA”) cables
- 4x video beamer

- 1x external audio interface (with firewire 400 in, multi channel/ 4 mono out; e.g. Motu 828 mkII, Presonus Firebox or similar)
- 4× 6.3mm 1/4” mono jack cables
- 1x multi channel mixer capable of distributing four channel surround sound to sound system
- at least 4 channel surround sound system